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Multi Rig Video For Big Carp Fishing

Multi Rig

Multi Rig How To So spring is flying by and we are almost into summer. A lot of anglers ask me some of the rigs I use while out carp fishing. I really am a simple person and prefer my fishing to be as simple as the fish allow it to be. With that said […]

YouTube #21 How to use a lead clip bo...

  In this video I show how to use a lead clip system and create a bolt rig using this. It is safe for the carp because if you break off the lead will easily pull off and then the carp will not tether the line around. Products seen in the video can be found […]

YouTube #21 Tying the Hair Rig / Knot...

  In this video I am showing you how to tie the Hair Rig also known as the knotless knot. I show you also what not to do when tying this rig and also how it is supposed to work once you complete tying it. It should flip over in the carps mouth as I […]


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