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Oats Pack Bait How To For Carp Fishin...

Oats Pack Bait How To¬†for Carp Fishing   In this article I will show you how to make an oats pack bait for carp fishing. Following the simple steps can give you a bait that is cost effective and will catch you lots of fish. This year marks my 10th year anniversary of carp fishing. […]

YouTube #19 How to make Grits Pack Ba...

  Today I am showing how to make a Grits Packbait for carp fishing. This comes from paylake fishing and I incorporate this into euro style carp fishing. It is very simple to make and will last around 6 hours. Later I will show a better video of the pva portion showing how it creates […]

YouTube #18 How to make a Rice Packba...

  Todays video is to show you how to make a rice pack bait for carp fishing. This comes from paylake fishing and is a great summer time bait. This looks just like maggots underwater and is a deadly tactic to catch a lot of carp. Ingredient list 28oz of minute rice 48oz of ketchup […]

YouTube #17 How to make an Oats / Oat...

  Today I thought I would talk about some of the things we use in the United States for carp fishing. This originated from the Southern Paylakes and is called and Oats Pack Bait. In paylaking this is molded around the bait but to integrate this into Euro style fishing You mold it around the […]

YouTube #15 How to make Mielie Bomb P...

  This video continues on from my field corn video. Once you prepare your field corn this is a super easy pack bait recipe called the Mielie Bomb which is basically ground corn and used to pack around the lead, feeder or even the bait. This is the basic version. You simply grind it down […]


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