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Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 21 Decemb...

The new Carpoholics Anonymous Magazine is out now. This is my first cover shot with my new PB Mirror which I am very excited about both. I have been carp fishing for nearly 10 years now and have been promoting the sport since day one since it is so much fun.  I have two articles in […]

Common Carp Catch and Release 30lb Go...

I just wanted to upload a nice release of a 31lb 12oz common carp caught and released back to be caught another day. The Trakker weigh sling makes for easy release of the fish back into the water. Plenty more angling videos to come!

Line Choices for my carp fishing in 2...

Click the image below to go to the video!! I always like to talk about new products I get or why I like a certain product. Today I am going over the Korda Touchdown line and also the Subline. Both are great line choices and I go over a few reasons why I switched to […]

YouTube #136 Winter Mix CC Moore Robi...

    Winter time is here and simply boosting your pva mix can really draw in the carp. I blend up some white bread and add in some CC Moore Robin Red. I will use a Korda Solidz PVA bag or you can use mesh as well. You can see in the underwater tank just […]

YouTube #20 Introduction to PVA bags ...

  In this video I show the difference between PVA Bags and PVA Mesh using my grits pack bait which you can see in the other video. It looks just like an up and down mix with all of the movement involved. It also shows the break times and what exactly it looks like underwater. […]


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