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Oats Pack Bait How To For Carp Fishin...

Oats Pack Bait How To for Carp Fishing   In this article I will show you how to make an oats pack bait for carp fishing. Following the simple steps can give you a bait that is cost effective and will catch you lots of fish. This year marks my 10th year anniversary of carp fishing. […]

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 21 Decemb...

The new Carpoholics Anonymous Magazine is out now. This is my first cover shot with my new PB Mirror which I am very excited about both. I have been carp fishing for nearly 10 years now and have been promoting the sport since day one since it is so much fun.  I have two articles in […]

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 18 Septem...

Daniel Slaby,Ciprian Muresan, Rick Slinker, Brian Wingard, Ena Milnavic, Laura Snook, Billie Eldridge, Rick Slinker, Paulo Nestor, Dave Blackie, Paula Feeney, Jeff Skelton Carp Hunter, Leigh Hemsleys, James Sanders, Denice Fox Hall, Bite Alarms

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 16 August...

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 16, August 2015 In this issue I have a how to make cork ball pop ups article using CC Moore products that is very easy to follow along with a video to show you step by step. I will continue on with this series showing you other tips for this as well. […]

Underwater Release of Common Carp usi...

I wanted to release a teaser of an upcoming video. I wanted to show the common carp release using my gopro and the underwater footage with it. Thanks for watching.

Line Choices for my carp fishing in 2...

Click the image below to go to the video!! I always like to talk about new products I get or why I like a certain product. Today I am going over the Korda Touchdown line and also the Subline. Both are great line choices and I go over a few reasons why I switched to […]

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 13 April ...

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 13, April 2015 Winners of the 2015 Lake Fork Texas 72 Carp & Buffalo Challenge, Marcin Szydlowski & Henryk Burza, Brian Wingard, Rick Slinker, Christine Stout, Wild Carp Companies Joshua Leach, UK’s Laura Snook, Charlie Snook, Marc Lyons, Jodi Plant, Terry Howlings, Richie Eldridge, Jeff Skelton Carp Hunter

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 11 Februa...

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 11, February 2015 Christine Stout, Jeff Skelton Carp Hunter, Charlie Snook, Billie Eldridge American Carp Girl, Mark Gray, Mirror Pool Fisheries, Terry Howlings, Laura Snook, Bivvy Talk, Sam Panter, Barry Jock Carpador

Spring Anticipation

Well it is February 14th, It is valentines day and I figured I would add a small blog. Every year I find myself taking a drive out to a local lake in anticipation of spring and all the fun I will be having while carp fishing. As you can see in the photo above the […]

2013 Due for a mirror

Every 2-3 years my lake produces a mirror. This one was from 2010 in October. They are usually smaller than the commons but a lot more exciting for me since they are so hard to come by on my local lake. This one above was my first ever mirror out of my local lake in […]


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