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Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 21 Decemb...

The new Carpoholics Anonymous Magazine is out now. This is my first cover shot with my new PB Mirror which I am very excited about both. I have been carp fishing for nearly 10 years now and have been promoting the sport since day one since it is so much fun.  I have two articles in […]

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 13 April ...

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 13, April 2015 Winners of the 2015 Lake Fork Texas 72 Carp & Buffalo Challenge, Marcin Szydlowski & Henryk Burza, Brian Wingard, Rick Slinker, Christine Stout, Wild Carp Companies Joshua Leach, UK’s Laura Snook, Charlie Snook, Marc Lyons, Jodi Plant, Terry Howlings, Richie Eldridge, Jeff Skelton Carp Hunter


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Big Carp Catch and Release Quick Fishing Session

Carp Fishing Lifestyle 2018 Coming Soon

Big Carp Tackle Christmas Unboxing

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