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Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 16 July 2...

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 16, July 2015 I have a summer time spod mix article which starts on page 28. Lots of good information for getting a very attractive mix that fish love.

YouTube #18 How to make a Rice Packba...

  Todays video is to show you how to make a rice pack bait for carp fishing. This comes from paylake fishing and is a great summer time bait. This looks just like maggots underwater and is a deadly tactic to catch a lot of carp. Ingredient list 28oz of minute rice 48oz of ketchup […]

YouTube #14 How to properly prepare F...

  Here is a video using a pressure cooker showing how to properly prepare field corn. Total time is about 1.5 hours. Video recipe is 10 cups field corn 3/4 gallon (roughly 90oz) water and 15ml(1 tablespoon) CC Moore Pineapple ultra essence flavoring. If you don’t have a pressure cooker simply get a bucket and […]

YouTube Video #11 Spod Spomb mix how ...

  Welcome back to my youtube channel. Its been a while since I made videos. I just bought a new HD camcorder so get ready for some new videos for beginners to experts. This video is showing how to make a spod/spomb mix for carp fishing from start to finish with every little detail possible […]


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