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Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 18 Septem...

Daniel Slaby,Ciprian Muresan, Rick Slinker, Brian Wingard, Ena Milnavic, Laura Snook, Billie Eldridge, Rick Slinker, Paulo Nestor, Dave Blackie, Paula Feeney, Jeff Skelton Carp Hunter, Leigh Hemsleys, James Sanders, Denice Fox Hall, Bite Alarms

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 16 August...

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 16, August 2015 In this issue I have a how to make cork ball pop ups article using CC Moore products that is very easy to follow along with a video to show you step by step. I will continue on with this series showing you other tips for this as well. […]

Carpoholics Anonymous Carp Fishing Ma...

I just wanted to give a shout out to Carpoholics Anonymous Magazine. I started to write some articles for them a few months back and it is a free magazine you can find online to read. It has everything from beginner to advanced and everything in between. Here is their homepage. Here is the […]

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 16 July 2...

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 16, July 2015 I have a summer time spod mix article which starts on page 28. Lots of good information for getting a very attractive mix that fish love.

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 13 April ...

Carpoholics Anonymous Issue 13, April 2015 Winners of the 2015 Lake Fork Texas 72 Carp & Buffalo Challenge, Marcin Szydlowski & Henryk Burza, Brian Wingard, Rick Slinker, Christine Stout, Wild Carp Companies Joshua Leach, UK’s Laura Snook, Charlie Snook, Marc Lyons, Jodi Plant, Terry Howlings, Richie Eldridge, Jeff Skelton Carp Hunter


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