North American Carp Angler NACA out n...

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Sonik Sports Tournos 8000 Reel Used a...

I recently talked about the Sonik Tournos 8000 Reels in my last video. One big thing that you never hear is you can use these as a dedicated Spod / Spomb and Marker Reel as well. The Rapid Drag system makes for easy work . They do everything you can ever want a reel to […]

Spring Anticipation

Well it is February 14th, It is valentines day and I figured I would add a small blog. Every year I find myself taking a drive out to a local lake in anticipation of spring and all the fun I will be having while carp fishing. As you can see in the photo above the […]

2013 Due for a mirror

Every 2-3 years my lake produces a mirror. This one was from 2010 in October. They are usually smaller than the commons but a lot more exciting for me since they are so hard to come by on my local lake. This one above was my first ever mirror out of my local lake in […]

Delkim reliability over the years

I have used a lot of tackle through the years and some I have liked and some I wished I would have never bought. I have written many product reviews as well and sometimes reflect back on certain ones. Today I have to talk about one company specifically Delkim that I have been impressed with […]

Delkim Smart Clips Review

After using my Delkim Smart Clips for many months I think a little review is in order for them. I know I posted before on facebook about them but after trying different scenarios with them and seeing what they are capable of I just had to. I guess the first thing we think about as […]

Rod protection articles and reviews

A while back I did an article for the TOKS Newsletter about Thinking Anglers Rod Lead Straps. The article can be found here on packe 24-26. Rod Lead Straps Article I have been using these since may of 2012 and no issues at all with them. For the amount we spend on our rods this […]

Keeping warm while carp fishing

    For years I have sat on the banks in the early spring or even fall/winter and got to the point where I felt crazy for even being out there. A lot of lakes in PA won’t allow shelters so when it rains or even gets windy the chill factor really kicks in. Last […]

The day that almost didn’t happ...

Its time for a little flashback into may. The day was may 9th 2012 which was a wednesday. I did my usual day of work and when I got home it was a half decent day temperature wise but I was completely wiped out from work. I started working on the trash for the next […]

YouTube #152 CC Moore Equinox Boilies...

    I just wanted to say a big Thank You to CC Moore. Without great products like the Equinox I would not be able to catch so many awesome fish like I have been doing over the past years. Shout out to Ian Moore for running a great family business, supporting his anglers through […]


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