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Below are a collection of gallery image. These are some of the catches I have had through the years from carp and other various species. I have a few details describing the catch to give a little more information on the photo. These are for my page.

In a majority of these photos you will find common carp. I fish for carp around 90% of the time now and have had a ton of fun in doing so. These are usually the biggest fish in both lakes and rivers and are the hardest fighting fish I have ever caught.

Also you will see some catfish. I started out catfishing at a young age and still do so today. A lot of times while fishing for carp you will get into some of the bigger catfish as they like the same kinds of baits and it was not until I started carp fishing that I noticed this. My catfish catches were huge compared to what I was previously catching before.

Finally you will see some panfish such as bluegill, crappie and perch as this is how I started out fishing. Most new anglers start out this way and it can still be a lot of fun even at an older age to catch fish after fish.

Israeli Mirror Carp

Hard to find Israeli Carp I caught in the summer of 2015.


Nice common carp caught and released in the spring time.


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