Line Choices for my carp fishing in 2015 Korda Subline or Touchdown

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I always like to talk about new products I get or why I like a certain product. Today I am going over the Korda Touchdown line and also the Subline. Both are great line choices and I go over a few reasons why I switched to Touch Down this year.


  1. robert dylan robert dylan
    April 7, 2015    

    I used to look forward to your videos but since you went with korda i hardly watch any, get away from korda, carpers in uk hate them.

    • April 8, 2015    

      I still upload the same content I have always uploaded. I appreciate your input as the situation overseas. I have personally used their products for around 8 years and love everything about them especially compared to others. I think right now I have only done a few Korda videos so far but still plan on doing a massive variety like before. Hope you continue to watch as I am trying to support carp fishing in general.

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