YouTube #17 How to make an Oats / Oatmeal Pack bait for carp fishing tutorial


Today I thought I would talk about some of the things we use in the United States for carp fishing. This originated from the Southern Paylakes and is called and Oats Pack Bait. In paylaking this is molded around the bait but to integrate this into Euro style fishing You mold it around the lead. The reason for this is the fact that the speed of the lead will be faster than the pack on the bait so it will fly off on the cast. If you mold the pack bait around the lead it will not fly off of on the cast. A good rule of thumb if your pack is heavier than the lead you can mold it around the bait and if the lead is heavier than the pack you mold it around the lead.

Ingredient list for a simple Oats Pack Bait is 1 tub of old fashioned oats (42ozs) , 1 can cream style corn, 1 capful of CC Moore Pineapple Flavor.  Also in the video as an added binder I used roughly 1 tablespoon of CC Moore Maize Flour. Finally for a hook bait I am using CC Moore Pineapple Tiger Nuts  This is a very basic version and later I will do a more advance version for everyone to view.









This video is showing you how to make a very basic Oats Packbait for carp fishing. Its a very easy mix with a grain , binder and a flavor and that’s it. It works very very well and you will be surprised with the results.

Ingredients will be one large tub of Old Fashion Oats (42 oz) One Can of cream style corn, 1 capful of CC Moore Pineapple flavoring and the CC Moore Maize flour is optional. The flour will make the pack slower to break down so this will help on rivers or very windy days for the bait to break slower.

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